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Burn Unit

Kamis, 24 Maret 2011
Vivi (left) & Sivia (right)

Thursday, February 10. That day Sivia and Vivi was filming the show premiered in a private TV station. In the middle of filming, there is a stuff that must be detonated, knowing this to show children's education. At that time there was an accident due to human error.The TV programs are directly canceled and deleted. Anxiety start continues as Via and Vivi struck by an explosion. Sivia and Vivi was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment while and finally brought to RSPP (Rumah Sakit Pusat Pertamina). The specialised unit that day cure Sivia with 13 % burns and Vivi with 30% burns. Any spare time I had I would always see Them, 3 times a week even 4 times. 

I always support them to keep the spirit, and asked the SiviaHolic group and SiviaHolic community to encourage Sivia and Vivi. I really sad to hear this because for 4 weeks (during treated) they can't touched each other with their parents, they may only speak through a phone network that made ​​the hospital. And I know it hurts when we are not connected each other. Now you've come out of the burn unit, I hope you girls totally recover and we can play together as before.

FL 18mm
Shutter Speed 1/6sec
Iso 320
Effect : Spot metering + Tungsten


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